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We invite you to buy!

- High
-quality reliable device with long life - min 20 years!
- 5 years warranty!!!
- Tested by Water Research Institute, Technical University and Mineralogy Insitute
The possibility of returning the goods within 14 days
- Industrial models work successfully in heavy industries
- No external adapter
- Low energy consumption

- Terms and Conditions

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Limescale is a problem of almost every house.

HardWaterDescaler will take care of it!

Why us?      Why HardWaterDescaler?          Why Electromagnetic treatment?  
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Softener for hard water - protection against limescale

Why us? Manufacturer:

1. specializes entirely in production of hard water treatment based on electromagnetic principle since 1993 - several tens of thousands successfully installed descalers

2. thanks to tests optimalized the descalers for:
- pipes from  3/8“ to 40“ (10 - 1000 mm)
- for various water flows from 0,1 m3 / hour to 5000 m3/ hour ,
- for various water hardness from 10 oN to 120 oN and
- for various pipe material (Fe, Cu, PE, PPR,...)

3. Products successfully function in EU, Russia, USA, Canada, China, Mexico

4. Quality components and high final checks ensure low rate of returned devices

Why HardWaterDescaler?  Simply said:

1.   S
pecial generator which creates an optimal electromagnetic field was tested in Water Research Institute  Bratislava and Slovak Technical University Bratislava as well as in Mineralogy Institute in Budapest

2.   Warranty of 5 years

Extremelly long service life - 20 years requires no spare parts

NO external adapter thus low risk of failure during non-stop operation

5.   Quality design - tested under water for 7 days and still works!

Manufactured by company which produces heavy industrial models into challenging environment

Autodiagnostic sensor to indicate correct function

8.   Horizontal/vertical installation

9.   High energetic efficiency and low energy consumption

10.   No use of salts nor chemicals

11. Preserves healthy content of calcium and magnesium in water

12. Saves energy and prolongs life of home appliances

13. No maintenance

14. No reduction in water flow.

Simple design, installation and maintenance

hard water treatment and protection from clogging with limescale
hard water minerals, calcium, magnesium

Why Electromagnetic water treatment?

Water is the most important ingredient without which there would be no life. Unique conditions and water cycle supports life.

The human body needs extra substances including calcium and magnesium in hard water. Hard deposits of calcium and magnesium, however, reduce the service life of appliances, clog pipes and the need to improve the energy and therefore costs.

So we need to adjust the water so as to maintain the necessary materials calcium and magnesium, but also to prevent the formation of hard deposits of calcium and magnesium.

HardWaterDescaler is a developed by specialized research that is based on years of experience and knowledge in the treatment of hard water and water stain.

  • saves you the time that you spend removing hard scale

  • saves energy that is needed to heat water inside clogged appliances (in fact limescale acts as an insulator)

  • environmentally friendly way to treat the water which does not modify water chemical composition but changes the behavior of water and thus prevents the deposition of hard scale.

  • No chemicals nor salts. Water without changed composition.

  • you do not have to worry about clogging of your pipes or destroying appliances

  • doesn´t reduce water flow

  • during its 20 years of lifetime saves hundreds of dollars which are spent when removing the aftermath of scale

Hardwaterdescaler plays a key role in protection against scale formation with emphasis on the universality, easy installation and fast return of investment.

Limescale in hard water

There is a basic universal instrument for the protection and security against hard deposits of limescale with which your home is environmentally protected without the addition of chemicals - HardWaterDescaler.

Hard water softener has been created after years of experience and development, with an emphasis on versatility, ease way of installation, efficiency and range of its protection. This ensures rapid return on invested capital.

Device is unique mainly due to its functionality and fast return on invested funds.

The device prevents formation of new hard limescale and removes the old deposits generated in the pipeline.

Thanks to HardWaterDescaler, you will:

  • have more time - you gain that time which you have spent on removing dried scale deposits

  • save energy – less energy is used to heat water in scaleless appliances (scale deposits act as an insulator)

  • preserve the same healthy water – HardWaterDescaler ecologically and hygenically treats water because it keeps chemical composition. It only changes the properties of water which prevents the build-up of hard scale

  • be protected against pipe clogging and your appliances will not be destroyed by limescale build-up

  • save hundreds of EUR for at least 20 years of its life span during which it will be removing of scale deposits

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